.SP1 SEG Standard Data Exchange File Description

The .SP1 SEG standard data exchange file format is a format widely used in the geophysical industry to exchange data for shotpoint locations for seismic surveying. MapViewer currently imports and exports version SP1 file formats. Shotpoint locations are usually those computed locations which are the best estimates of where actual data points are located in the field. The locations are derived from a variety of complex field data. This format is applicable for both land and marine locations and has sufficient flexibility for use in 3D seismic surveys. This can include gravity, magnetic data, or other data about each shotpoint. For additional information on specifics about each file format, refer to the Society for Exploration Geophysicists.


SP1 files can be opened by clicking the File | Open command  in a worksheet window. Alternatively, the SP1 format can be used to create a base map or post map in the plot window. When importing into MapViewer, the line name, shotpoint number, and non-zero Z value is imported and displayed in attribute columns for each point.


The SEG and SP1 file formats are fairly flexible and can include data in latitude and longitude or in easting, northing, and depth/elevation formats. When loading latitude/longitude data, the WGS84 datum is assumed.


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See SEG SP1 Import Options



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