Options - Updates

Set automatic update preferences on the Updates page in the Options dialog.


The Options Dialog

Click the File | Options command to open the Options dialog. Click on Updates on the left side of the dialog to open the Updates page.


Customize the Updates options in the Options dialog.


Automatically Check for Announcements

Check the Automatically check for announcements to allow Golden Software to automatically check for program and company announcements. This could include information about a new product release, tips for use of Golden Software programs, special offers, or an update to the program.


Automatically Check for Updates

Check Automatically check for updates to allow Golden Software to automatically check for program updates (i.e. MapViewer 8.0 to MapViewer 8.1) according to the user defined time interval. After the specified time, the program will link to the Golden Software server to see if any program updates are available. Program updates include fixes to errors or problems that are found in the program. It is recommended that you keep this box checked so that your version of MapViewer is always up to date.


Update Interval (days)

MapViewer will automatically check for updates after the specified interval of time has passed. Specify the update time interval in days by highlighting the existing value and typing a number in the Update interval (days) box or clicking the to increase or decrease the number of days. This option can be set to a value between one and 90.


Check For Updates

Click the next to the Check for updates command to check for program updates. Before using this command, make sure your computer is connected to the Internet. Follow the directions in the Internet Update dialog to complete the update if an update is available.




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