Lesson 4.0 - Editing Map Properties - Tutorial

MapViewer maps are highly customizable. Properties for plots, layers, and objects are located in the Property Manager.  Select an object by clicking on it in the plot window or Object Manager to view its properties in the Property Manager. We will continue the tutorial by changing our hatch map colors and classes. We will also display the Primary IDs for the states on the map.


Viewing Map Layer Properties

To continue the tutorial, we need to display the hatch map properties in the Property Manager. Click the layer name in the Object Manager to select the hatch map layer. If you changed the layer name in Lesson 3.0, click "Hatch Map." Otherwise, click "Layer #1." Alternatively, click the Map | Layer | Layer Properties command and MapViewer will select the active layer and show its properties in the Property Manager. The Layer Properties command is useful for quickly selecting the map layer for editing when the plot contains many layers and objects.


If you changed the map type in the previous lesson, click the Map | Create Map | Hatch command to change the map back to a hatch map.


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