Lesson 4.1 - Changing the Hatch Map Colors - Tutorial

After creating a map, you can change how the map is displayed. Most of the time, the MapViewer defaults create a visually appealing hatch map, but there are times when you might want to customize the map. For example, you might want to change the colors used for the hatch map fill. This is accomplished by opening the hatch map properties.


Click on the map layer name in the Object Manager or click the Map | Layer | Layer Properties command to select the hatch map layer. See the "Viewing Map Layer Properties" section in the Editing Map Properties lesson for more information on selecting objects in the Object Manager and the Layer Properties command.


Changing Hatch Map Colors

To change the fill colors:


1.    Open the hatch map properties by using one of the methods listed above.

2.    In the Property Manager, click on the Map tab to view the Map page.

3.    Click the button in the Classes field to open the Data Classes dialog.

4.    Click the Fill column title to open the Color Spectrum dialog.

5.    Click the Foreground colors spectrum and select Sunrise in the color spectrum list for the hatch map. Sunrise is about halfway down the color spectrum list.

6.    Click OK in the Color Spectrum and Data Classes dialogs to apply the new color spectrum to the map.


Also, you can change the individual colors in a hatch map by double-clicking on the class color in the Fill column in the Data Classes dialog.



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