Paste Special

Clicking the down arrow on the Home | Clipboard | Paste command and clicking Paste Special opens the Paste Special dialog, where the format for pasting the object into MapViewer is specified. Click the Home | Clipboard | Paste | Paste Special command for selecting one of several formats for pasting the clipboard contents. The Paste Special command is also available in the context menu, accessed by right-clicking in the application window.


Paste Special Dialog
Use the Paste Special dialog in the plot window
to paste objects from the clipboard.



Paste special format types vary depending on the origin of the clipboard information. The As field lists the available formats. Use the As field to specify how the information is pasted into your document. You can highlight the clipboard format in the As box and then refer to the Result box for more information on clipboard format types. This option is not available for some types of documents.


Other Options

When pasting into a plot document, the Break apart metafiles option is available. Click the check box to break the clipboard contents into polygons, polylines, points, and text.


When pasting into a worksheet document, the Show Import Options option is available. Click the check box to display the Data Import Options dialog after you select a format and click OK.


Paste or Cancel

To insert the information into your current document, click OK. To exit the dialog without inserting the information into your current document, click Cancel.



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