The Home | Clipboard | Paste command image\paste.gif pastes the clipboard contents into the current document. The objects must first be placed on the clipboard using the MapViewer Home | Clipboard | Cut or Home | Clipboard | Copy commands or similar commands in some other application. The clipboard contents remain on the clipboard until something new is cut or copied to the clipboard. The Paste command can also be performed by pressing CTRL+V.


The object is pasted to the center of the plot window. Use the Pan or View | Zoom commands to center the window on the desired location before using the Paste command, or move the object from the center of the plot window to the desired location after using the paste command.


In the worksheet, the upper left corner of the pasted data is placed in the active cell. Any cells in the existing worksheet that lie to the right of and below the active cell will be overwritten with the contents of the pasted data.


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