Lesson 3.1 - Zooming In to Get a Better View - Tutorial

The View tab contains a number of helpful commands that control the level of detail shown for your map. For example, the map window might be quite large, and the map itself relatively small so there is a lot of empty space surrounding the map. Conversely, portions of the map might extend outside the map window limits, so only a portion of the map is displayed. In these cases, a quick way to adjust your view of the map is to use the View | Zoom | Fit to Window command. This makes the map as large as possible in the map window while still allowing the entire map to be seen. You might try using this command if you need it again while proceeding through the rest of the tutorial. You can also use the other View tab commands to change the view level of your map.


If your mouse is equipped with a wheel, you can zoom in and zoom out by rolling the mouse wheel forward and backward. You can also click and hold the mouse wheel to pan the window.



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