Projecting Maps in MapViewer

To project maps:

1.    Once you have a map in the map window, click the Map | Plot | Plot Properties command. Click the Coordinate System page in the Property Manager.

2.    Click the Change... button in the Coordinate system field.

2.    Select the projection you would like to use in the Assign Coordinate System dialog.

3.    Click the Settings button to open the Modify Projection Settings dialog. Specify the parameters for the selected projection by entering the appropriate values into the controls in this dialog and then click the OK button. The controls in this dialog vary according to the projection selected in the previous step. Please see the projection type for the options. If you do not understand projections refer to one of the many textbooks on mapping. See also Projection References.

4.    Click the OK button in the Assign Coordinate System dialog.


MapViewer modifies the coordinates of the drawing for the new projection. This may take a few minutes if the drawing is large.



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