Excel .XLS Export Options Dialog

MapViewer can export .XLS and .XLSX files.


Excel Data Export Options Dialog

The Excel Data Export Options dialog allows you to specify if the Excel file will be written in Excel 97 or Excel 95 format.


Select the File Format to use when exporting in
Excel Data Export Options dialog.


File Format

XLS Files can be saved in either Excel 97 (BIFF 8) or Excel 95 (BIFF 5) formats.


Use Caution when Saving Excel Files!

A file can be saved in an Excel format from the MapViewer worksheet, but only one worksheet can be saved. MapViewer does not allow for saving multiple worksheets in a single Excel document. If a multi-worksheet Excel file is opened and saved as an .XLS or .XLSX file from the MapViewer worksheet, be aware that only the single worksheet is saved in the document. If the existing file is overwritten, all the unused worksheets are destroyed. In this case, a warning message is issued. The message reads: Saving this worksheet will destroy all but one of the sheets in the existing *.xls , *.xlsx file. To overwrite the file, click OK. To choose a different file name, click Cancel.


The Export Options dialog does not appear when saving XLSX format files. MapViewer does not save Excel .XLSM format files.


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