Google Earth Keyhole Markup .KML and. KMZ File Description


MapViewer can import and export .KML and .KMZ files.


.KML and .KMZ files are imported into Google Earth to display information, such as contour maps or point locations, on Google Earth maps. Both .KML and .KMZ files contain the same information. The difference is that  .KMZ files are compressed versions of .KML files. When exporting to .KML or .KMZ files, images are exported to the same directory specified by the Export dialog.


Coordinate System

.KML and .KMZ files require that the coordinates be in latitude and longitude degrees. This means that the plot is converted to lat/long (WGS84) when exporting a KML/KMZ file. The program does this conversion internally. You do not need to change the coordinate system of the plot prior to exporting the file.



The PID and SID attributes for polyline, polygon, and symbol objects are automatically exported to all .KML and .KMZ files. The PID is used for object names. The SID is used for an object's description.


Import Options Dialog

No Import Options Dialog is displayed.


Export Options Dialog

See KML Export Options Dialog


Export Automation Options

See KML Export Automation Options, Scaling, Spatial References


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