Point Object


The Point object represents a graphical symbol used to represent a point in the drawing. Symbols are created by the Shapes.AddPoint method.


Derived from: Shape object (All methods and properties of Shape apply to this object.)






The following script demonstrates how to use the Point object.


Sub Main

'Declares mvApp as an object

 Dim mvApp As Object


'Creates an instance of the MapViewer Application

'object and assigns it to the variable named "mvApp"

 Set mvApp = CreateObject("MapViewer.Application")


'Makes MapViewer visible

 mvApp.Visible = True


'Declares Plot as an object

 Dim Plot As Object


'Creates a map document in MapViewer and

'assigns it to the variable named "Plot"

 Set Plot = mvApp.Documents.Add(mvDocPlot)


'Declares PlotLayers as an object

 Dim PlotLayers As Object


'Assigns the map document layers to the

'variable named "PlotLayers"

 Set PlotLayers = Plot.Layers


'Declares CurrentLayer as an object

 Dim CurrentLayer As Object


'Assigns the active plot layer to the

'variable named "CurrentLayer"

 Set CurrentLayer = PlotLayers.ActiveLayer


'Assign the shapes collection to the

'variable named "MapShapes"

 Set MapShapes = CurrentLayer.Shapes


'Add a point object and assign it to the

'variable named "Symbol"

 Set Point = MapShapes.AddPoint(4,7)

End Sub