Adobe Acrobat .PDF Raster Export Options Dialog

Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format .PDF is a file format used for document exchange. PDF is used for representing two-dimensional documents. PDF was created by Adobe Systems.


Use a raster .PDF to export the entire MapViewer project as an image in .PDF format. Use the Export Options dialog to specify the Image size in pixels, Dots per inch, Color format, and to Maintain aspect ratio. The higher resolution image you select, the larger the .PDF file will be. All images, lines, text, maps, etc. will be exported into the single image object in the raster .PDF file. Raster objects lose quality at low resolutions or when you zoom in. The raster .PDF output will look exactly like your original project.


The Export Options Dialog (for Raster PDF)

When using the File | Export command to export to a PDF (Raster) file, the Export Options dialog allows you to specify the Size and Color options and Spatial Reference options. In addition, the Raster PDF Options page is available to compress the image in the .PDF file.


Check the Compress images option on

the Raster PDF Options page to make the

file size for raster .PDF files smaller.


Compress Images

Check the box next to Compress images to apply .PDF compression to the images in the .PDF file. This produces smaller raster .PDF files with no loss in quality. When this option is unchecked, .PDF files will be larger.


Page Options

Select Use application page size (if available) to use MapViewer's page size for the PDF export. Select Fit page around exported objects to fit the exported PDF page size to the exported objects.



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