Microsoft Access .MDB and .ACCDB Import Options Dialog


Microsoft Access .MDB is a binary database file format used by pre-2007 versions of Microsoft Access. The .ACCDB format is used in Access 2007 and 2010.  MapViewer can import data from tables and queries in both Access .MDB and .ACCDB formats.


Database Tables and Fields Dialog

In the worksheet, select File | Import to load a .MDB or .ACCDB file. The Database Tables and Fields dialog allows you to choose what table or query to load and preview the data that will be imported.


Specify .MBD or .ACCDB import options in the Database Tables and Fields dialog.


Choose a Table to Load

If the .MDB or .ACCDB file contains multiple tables and queries, you can select which table or query to load in the Choose Table To Load list.


Available Fields in the Table

The Available fields in the table displays all of the available fields in the table.


Preview of the Table Content

A preview of the selected table content is shown in the Preview of the table content section.



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