Golden Software Interchange .GSI Export Options Dialog

The Export Options dialogs specify options which determine how information in the file is exported. Choose to write areas as curves, render text, and/or render marker symbols in the second Export Options dialog.


Select the GSI export options in the
Export Options dialog.


Write Areas to Curves

Check Write Areas As Curves to cause all area (polygonal) objects to be exported as curve (polyline) objects.


Render Text

Check Render Text to cause all text objects to be exported as areas and lines. When Render Text is unchecked, text is exported as text.


As long as there is no shear, perspective, or clipping, GSI text entities will be exported as text. This means that the GSI text entities will be sized and oriented similar to the text objects in the application document. When shear, perspective, or clipping occur, the text is exported as solid polygons. Shear occurs when the character glyphs are not perpendicular to the text baseline. Perspective occurs when the height of glyphs in the text string are not all the same, as in a 3-D view where the glyphs are smaller the farther they are from the observer. Clipping occurs when part of the text object is partially inside and partially outside the map limits.


Render Marker Symbols

Check Render Marker Symbols to cause markers to be exported as areas and lines.



The Defaults button sets all controls to default conditions.



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